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Park Royal Hotel in London

These are five panels, sized 1500 x 1000. All identical in design, but five pairs of colours.

This was a commission from Starboard Hotels for the Park Royal Hotel, a Hampton by Hilton hotel,  in Park Royal, west London.

  They are situated in the main reception and foyer area. 

The hotel had a Grade 2 Art Deco listed facade and the new hotel was built on the back of this listed front wall.  The glass panels are back lit by LED light panels to give the illusion that they are stained glass windows.   Hampton by Hilton logo consists of diamonds, so the glass panels are a mixture of classic Art Deco shapes and colours.  Each panel weighs 36 kilos! 

I was very pleased to see them with the light panels behind. This was the first time I had seen them lit. It picked out the blemishes and colour changes in each sheet or piece of glass. 

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